Yad Chaya


yad chaya

Our mission is to ease the financial stress
experienced by many families
with dignity

Yad Chaya was formed in the summer of 2001 to address the needs of a large contingency of our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel and the United States. Yad Chaya operates numerous programs to help poor individuals and families who do not otherwise have the ability to adequately cover their expenses – including widows, orphans, large families and poor students. Yad Chaya runs various programs, including: grants, mentoring, holiday, wedding assistance, housing assistanc,  and many more.

of funds towards the poor and needy
of funds towards salaries and overhead
our core programs

Charitable Grants

Yad Chaya provides grants to poor families who could not otherwise make ends meet.

Wedding Assistance

Yad Chaya helps arrange the most basic requirements of a Wedding for families in distress.

Shabbos Care Packages

Yad Chaya provides necessities for Shabbos to those most destitute families.

Free Loan Society

Yad Chaya lends money at no interest, allowing people to get back on their feet.

how to help

Give a Helping Hand to your brothers and sisters in need.

Since its inception, Yad Chaya has distributed an average of approximately $1,000,000 each year.  Yad Chaya operates with absolutely no overhead or operating costs – Yad Chaya is managed and operated entirely by volunteers.  

All of your donations are used to help those who desperately need it most.

Partner with us

Your tax deductible donation enables us to continue with our vital work on the ground on behalf of poor and distressed families.